PHS Track – Yellowstone Sports Medicine Invitational Results


100 Meter Dash

59. Kaden Salas 13.66, 70. Christian Bitzas 14.59, 80. Tarren Blackmore 15.34

200 Meter Dash

12. Kaelan Groves 25.97, 15. Jacob Harrison 26.24, 31. Charlie Hall 28.11, 33. Kalen Sap 28.30, 48. Christian Bitzas 31.18, 53. Jeremy Estes 32.40

400 Meter Dash

9. Dylan Cordes 58.48

800 Meter Run

6. Jayden Yates 2:16.98, 8. Alan Merritt 2:19.83, 10. Tyler Pfeifer 2:24.91, 11. Joe Rogers 2:27.89, 12. Eyob Robirds 2:33.32, 18. Isaac Summers 2:41.80, 21. Jaxton Braten 2:50.66, 23. Tarren Blackmore 2:57.23, 24. Riley McKeen 2:57.96

1600 Meter Run

7. Alan Merritt 5:02.01, 8. Jayden Yates 5:04.81, 12. Tyler Pfeifer 5:17.26, 13. Joey Hernandez 5:20.41, 22. Isaac Summers 5:42.91, 26. Dylan McEvoy 6:04.54, 27. Riley McKeen 6:10.07

3200 Meter Run

9. Jesse Erickson 12:32.45, 12. Dylan McEvoy 13:56.92

110 Meter Hurdles

5. Kacey Creed 19.30

300 Meter Hurdles

10. Kacey Creed 49.09, 16. Jaxton Braten 1:00.88

4×100 Meter Relay

2. Jon Marrow, Jacob Harrison, Landon Lengfelder and A.J. Lewis

Sprint Medley Relay

5. Landon Lengfelder, Kanyon Gann, Joey Hernandez, Jesse Erickson

4×800 Meter Relay

1. Alan Merritt, Tyler Pfeiffer, Joey Hernandez and Brody Karhu

High Jump

2. Colby Warner 6′ 00.00″, 11. Charlie Hall 5′ 6″, 14. Braily Gann 5′ 4″

Long Jump

6. A.J. Lewis 19′ 7.5″, 14. Dalton Woodward 18′ 0.00″, 18. Jon Marrow 17′ 2″, 23. Tyler Lynn 16′ 7″, 24. Bryce Hogan 16′ 6.5″, 35. Kalen Sapp 13′ 11.5″

Triple Jump Shot

1. Dalton Woodward 41′ 1″, 2. Kanyon Gann 39′ 7.5″, 8. Colby Warner 38′ 0.25″, 16. Tyler Lynn 35′ 1″, 19. Bryce Hogan 33′ 8.25″

Pole Vault

4. Brody Karhu 12′ 7″, 7. Kaelan Groves 12′ 1″, 10. Riley Bennett 11′ 00″, 11. Kacey Creed 10′ 6″, 14. Reece Hackenberg 9′


4. Ryan Good 124′ 6″, 10. Caden Lynn 113′ 0.00″, 13. Shay Dillon 111′ 6″, 21. Zeke Frankenberry 102′ 0.00″, 29. Canyon Gonzales 96′ 2″, 30. Carter Olsen 95′ 1″, 31. Geordan Weimer 94′ 7″, 37. Andy Beavers 88′ 3″, 43. Isaac Gutierrez 83′ 0.00″, 45. Weston Moore 82′ 3″, 48. Nate Belmont 80′ 2″, 49. Zack Griffin 79′ 7″, 56. Brooks Asher 76′ 11″, 69. Kaden Salas 65′ 9″

Shot Put

14. Ryan Good 36′ 5″, 15. Caden Lynn 36′ 3.5″, 20. Zeke Frankenberry 35′ 1.50″, 29. Weston Moore 32′ 8″, 33. Shay Dillon 32′ 0.50″, 34. Carter Olsen 31′ 11″, 35. Geordan Weimer 31′ 9″, 42. Zack Griffin 30′ 3″, 51. Canyon Gonzales 29′ 4″, 54. Nate Belmont 29′ 3″, 59. Andy Beavers 28′ 11″, 64. Isaac Gutierrez 27′ 6.5″, 68. Kaden Salas 25′ 7.5″


100 Meter Dash

6. Tamoka Hasegowa 13.97, 14. Karlie McKenzie 14.69, 18. Gracen Curtis 14.94, 20. Elsie Spomer 15.02, 23. McKenna Hanson 15.12

200 Meter Dash

3. Emma Karhu 29.06, 7. Tamoka Hasegowa 29.60, 18. Gracen Curtis 31.09, 19. Jala Satterwhite 31.21, 21. Kady Wells 31.35, 27. Gabi Metzler 32.10, 36. Gabby Harshman 32.75

400 Meter Dash

13. Hailee Hyde 1:12.17, 15. Elsa Polson 1:13.44, 20. Jozi Simpson 1:21.29

800 Meter Dash

1. JuliaKay O’Neill 2:28.45, 22. Hailee Paul 3:04.38

1600 Meter Run

19. Jenna Merritt 7:14.40, 20. Maggie Cappiello 7:14.49

3200 Meter Run

5. Madelyn Horton 15:35.00

100 Meter Hurdles

5. Caitlyn Miner 17.76, 6. Sabrina Shoopman 17.82

300 Meter Hurdles

1. Sabrina Shoopman 50.44, 4. Emma Karhu 51.97, 13. Sidney O’Brien 56.75

4×400 Meter Relay

4. Emma Karhu, Natalie Dillivan, Sabrina Shoopman and JuliaKay O’Neill 4:51.76

Sprint Medley Relay

1. Tamoka Hasegowa, Jala Satterwhite, Gracen Curtis and JuliaKay O’Neill

4×800 Meter Relay

3. Hailee Paul, Jenna Merritt, Natalie Dillivan and Jozi Simpson 12:22.79

High Jump

15. Gabri Lundberg 4′ 2″, 17. Hailee Hyde 4″ 0.00″

Long Jump 

9. Jala Satterwhite 14′ 6.5″, 10. Mattie Larsen 14′ 4″, 12. Jazlyn Haney 13′ 11.50″, 15. Maddie Hackenberg 13′ 9″, 16. McKenna Hanson 13′ 8.75″, 18. Elsie Spomer 13′ 5″, 24. Kortny Feller 12′ 7″, 31. Whitney Hull 9′ 10″

Triple Jump

5. McKenna Hanson 31′ 7.25″, 7. Jazlyn Haney 30′ 4.75″

Pole Vault

6. Emma Karhu 8′ 6″, 10. Jala Satterwhite 8′ 0.00″, 11. Caitlyn Miner 8′ 0.00″, 14. Maddie Hackenberg 7′ 0.00″


4. Cassidy Miner 96′ 0.00″, 5. Rachel Bonander 95′ 7″, 9. Coby Calcotte 85′ 6″, 14. Jasmyne Lensegrav 76′ 10″, 17. Mattie Larsen 66′ 8″, 19. Katie McKenzie 60′ 10″, 22. Kortny Feller 59′ 9″, 25. Alisa Staidle 57′ 5″, 32. Kaylee Stewart 50′ 8″, 34. Isabella Wambeke 49′ 0.00″, 36. Marie Ramier 46′ 0.00″, 38. Mina Schuler 43′ 9″

Shot Put

2. Cassidy Miner 34′ 0.50″, 7. Coby Calcotte 29′ 10″, 12. Rachel Bonander 28′ 7″, 19. Isabella Wambeke 26′ 2″, 20. Kortny Feller 25′ 10.50″, 24. Mattie Larsen 24′ 8″, 28. Marie Ramier 23′ 6″, 34. Kaylee Stewart 22′ 6.5″, 36. Katie McKenzie 22′ 2″, 39. Alissa Stidle 20′ 0.00″, 41. Mina Schuler 19′ 8″

*** Side Note: Listed above are the results that were posted online which are incomplete. There were technical difficulties so some events didn’t get posted and some athletes may have been posted. The coaches have entered/turned in the times for those that are missing but the online version was not updated.  

Panthers get first win of season over Riverton

By Breanne Thiel, Powell Wyoming Athletics

On Friday, March 23 the Riverton Wolverines came to Powell where the Panthers would win with a goal scored by Kyler Muffett within the last 10 seconds of the game.

“The team as a whole played as a team – they played together, they were passing, they were working together, they were talking,” said head coach Jeff Dent of the game. “They got their heads up to see each other a lot more than they have in the past. It was a major step forward – the quality of play.”

The Panthers came out to score within the first six minutes of the game to take a 1-0 lead with a goal by junior Rob Sessions.

“We started off aggressively,” said Dent.

At the half, Powell still had the 1-0 lead.

In the 55th minute, Luis Gutierrez scored another goal to increase the Panther lead to 2-0.

But despite being down two goals, the Wolverines continued to battle scoring two goals over the next 18 minutes to tie the game at 2.

With the last 10 seconds counting down on the clock and the score still tied at 2, Kyler Muffett scored a goal for the Panthers to win the game 3-2.

“He was in the right spot and he didn’t panic – he pushed the ball right into the net instead of booting it real hard and it going somewhere bad,” Dent said of the game-winning goal. “[Muffett] played very smart, very controlled and that’s the one that won the game for us.”

The win over Riverton is Powell’s first for the season and they have an overall record of 1-2.

“We had worked on keeping our shape more and positions last week and the players stepped up in that a lot,” said Dent adding that “it was really encouraging to see.”

In preparation for the game, Dent said that he “expected Riverton to have a fast front line – they weren’t quite as fast as they were last year but they were still fast. So I had made some adjustments and that worked out very well.”

Another change for the Panthers was senior Jace Smith returning to the pitch as he was unable to play in the first two games of the season due to a rolled ankle at the 3A West Regional Basketball Tournament.

“I really like his presence on the field cause he’s got some experience with multiple sports so he’s not afraid to speak up,” said Dent. “I think it made a big difference on the field just having him there.”

The coach also added that as a team, “the players stepped up. I put up a couple more freshman again and I thought they played really well – very few rookie mistakes. They seemed to know their assignments and stepped up.”

Senior Gabe Katz played in the keeper position having nine saves.

Sophomore Garrett Stutzman also had two saves and Smith had one.

“It was an exciting game to get to see them as a team,” said Dent. “They’ve come together a lot.”

Lady Panthers battle wind and wolverines, come away with a victory.

By Breanne Thiel, Powell Wyoming Athletics

Powell and Riverton battled on a windy Friday afternoon on March 23rd on the Lady Panthers home turf. Though Riverton scored first in the 74th minute, the Lady Panther then went on to hold the Lady Wolverines scoreless for the remainder of the game to win 3-1.

“I thought the team played great,” said head coach Jack Haire who added that the team had also played as well as he had hoped with all team members of the varsity roster in attendance.

In the previous two games (Pinedale on March 16 and Star Valley on March 17), three members of the varsity squad had prior commitments and were unable to make the game.

Of the game against Riverton, Haire said the “front three played exceptionally well.”

The front three are junior Jaya Smith and sophomores Kayla Kolpitcke and Michele Wagner.

Smith, Kolpitcke and Wagner each scored a goal.

“Our defense held strong,” Haire said of the game while adding that the Lady Panthers “had quite a few new players play this week as well.”

In the keeper position, senior Sydney Olsen played the first half and junior Melynda Davison played the second half.

“It’s nice to know that I can put in either one of our keepers and be ready to play – trust either one of them,” said Haire.

Olsen had six saves and Davison have five.

“I just thought we had a nice quality win,” Haire said.

With the win over Riverton, the Lady Panthers have a 2-1 overall record.

Haire said “I’m just so excited to be sitting where we’re at – 2-1.”

The coach added that he thought Powell played “Star Valley tough in our loss and we looked good against Pinedale missing players and we looked great versus Riverton with our players. I’m just hoping we can stay healthy throughout the season and keep improving on what’s happening right now. I’m excited.”

Tonight (Tuesday, March 27) at 3 p.m. the Lady Panthers will travel to face off against the No. 2 ranked team in the state, Worland. The game will also be the first 3A Northwest Quadrant game for the Lady Panthers this season.

“I’m hoping to play them a lot tougher and better than we did last year,” said Haire. “We had a tough loss last year but our team is way more healthy this year and I just believe that we have a way better quality team this year than we did last year.”

Worland has a 0-1 quadrant record (lost to Cody 2-1 on March 23) and a 1-1 overall record.

The 3A Northwest Quadrant is comprised of Worland, Cody and Powell.

2018 PMS Track Schedule 7th/8th Grade

Thursday, March 29

  • Away at Cody Dual, 2 p.m.
  • This track dual will be held in conjunction with Powell High School and there is an estimated 400 athletes to be competing between the two schools and four programs.

Saturday, April 7

  • CANCELED: Away at Burlington Meet, 9 a.m.

Saturday, April 14

  • Home Powell Meet, 9 a.m.

Saturday, April 21

  • Away at Meeteetse Meet, 9 a.m.
  • Away at Riverton Meet, 10 a.m.

Thursday, April 26

  • “Throw Down, Jump Off” Meet at The POWELL MIDDLE SCHOOL Track, 4 p.m.
  • For this meet, Powell and Rocky Mountain tracksters will compete in four events – Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put and Discus

Saturday, April 28

  • Away at Lovell Meet, 9 a.m.
  • Away at Sheridan Meet, 9 a.m.

Saturday, May 5

  • Conference Meet at Thermopolis, 9 a.m.

Tuesday, May 8

  • Away Best of the Best Meet in Lander, 10 a.m.

*This schedule is subject to change and was last updated on April 22. For the days where more than one meet is listed (April 21st and 28th), please get in contact with the coaches to know which meet your child will be competing in

PHS track numbers nearly double in two years

By Breanne Thiel/Powell Wyoming Athletics

Traditionally in the past, the Powell High School track team has had around 60 competitors. Last season the number of tracksters jumped to the high 80’s and this season the number jumped substantially again to a total 113.

“It’s a very pleasant surprise,” said head coach Scott Smith of the numbers.

The track teams begin their season on Saturday in Cody at 10 a.m. where a total of three buses will be needed to transport the entire team.

With over hundred athletes this year, coach Smith said that there have been minimal changes to the schedule.

“We’re going to have the same kind of meets – a lot of close to home meets,” coach Smith said.

The close to home meets include three in Cody – March 24th, 29th and May 4th.

The meet in Cody on the 29th is to be a double dual where both Powell High School and Cody High School will compete as well as a dual between Powell Middle School and Cody Middle School.

The Powell Middle School track program has over 100 tracksters between seventh and eighth grade.

Other close to home meets scheduled for Powell High School include Worland on April 12th and Lovell on April 21st.

The track team will host the Powell Invitational on April 7th.

Powell High School will also be hosting the 3A West Regional Meet on May 11th and 12th.

There are two occasions where the Panthers and Lady Panthers will be competing in two locations.

On Saturday, April 14th, a group will compete in the Billings West Invitational in Billings, Montana and another group will compete at the Rocky Mountain Invitational.

The second occasion is on Friday, April 27th where track teams will compete at the Meeteetse Invitational and the top-ranked tracksters will earn a spot to compete at the Wyoming Track Classic.

The Wyoming Track Classic will take place at Kelly Walsh High School were the top 10 competitors throughout the state regardless of class size in field events and long-distance running events – the 800 meter run and greater – and the top eight in laned running events – 400 meter dash and below – will compete against each other to see who is the best of the best..

“We’re going to get a chance to get some kids that good exposure as well as just everybody getting a lot of experience – which is good for these kind of numbers.” said coach Smith of the duo invitational days.

Coach Smith also stated that ‘fortunately we’ve had Sean Munger already volunteered to come help us.”

Munger is a Math and Science teacher at Powell High School who taught and coached track at Big Piney last year and was a decathlon athlete at Chadron State.

Coach Smith said Munger would especially be helping jumping coach Ashley Hildebrand as depending on the invitational, PHS could have athletes concurrently competing in at least two of the jumping events – long jump, triple jump and high jump – and the location of these events can be spread out.

As for the season thus far, coach Smith said: “so far their working really hard – the weather has been cooperating.”

** To see a complete schedule please visit the following link: