Powell Swim Club Winter Swim Meet Schedule

Here is the competition schedule for the Powell Swim Club for the winter of 2018-2019

Saturday,October 27th through Sunday, October 28th

  • Spook Splash in Lander

Saturday, November 17th through Sunday, November 18th

  • Polar Bear Splash in Cody

Friday, November 30th through Saturday, December 1st

  • Reindeer Dash in Riverton

Saturday, January 19th through Sunday, January 20th

  • Winter Fiesta in Powell

Saturday, February 2nd through Sunday, February 3rd

  • Buffalo Meet in Buffalo

BHB Conference in Cody with date to be determined

Friday, March 1st through Sunday, March 3rd

  • Winter State Short Course Championship in Laramie

Lady Panther Volleyball leads 3A Northwest Quadrant

By Breanne Thiel

The Powell High School varsity volleyball team beat Lovell in three sets on Friday, September 21st which places them first in the 3A Northwest Quadrant having a 3-0 quadrant record. The Lady Panthers have a 10-7 overall record after their loss to Billings West on Tuesday, September 15th.

Head coach Randi Bonander said that the Lady Panther volleyball team has been practicing coming back from deficits.

“It’s really important in volleyball because it is such a mentally challenging game to be able to do that, not only when there is a small deficit, but especially when there is a large one like in the second set,” said coach Bonander who was referencing the second set of the Billings West game where the Lady Panthers lost 25-8.

Against Billings West, the Lady Panthers also lost the first 26-24 and the third 25-22.

The coach said that the practicing of coming back from deficits and the ability to come back from losing by 17 points in one set to lose by three in the next set “really speaks to their mental toughness and team culture.”

Also in reference to the mental toughness and team culture of the Lady Panther volleyball team, Coach Bonander said the morning of the game “we found out we wouldn’t have our Junior setter Gabi Metzler due to a medical issue, so our rotation was a little different, but the girls took on the challenge of that moment.”

The coach also said that a tough part of playing in Billings, Montana is playing “their home court rules,” as Montana has different rules such as sets 3, 4 and 5 only go to 15 points instead of 25 as well as different rules in regards to blocking and crossing the plain of the net.

“But we have to be able to work through challenges like that to compete at the state level,” coach Bonander said.

Versus the Lady Bulldogs, the Lady Panthers won the game in three sets with scores 25-13, 25-21 and 25-15.

The win puts the Lady Panthers first in the 3A Northwest Quadrant with a 3-0 record by also having wins over Worland and Lander.

Worland is second in the quadrant with a 2-1 record, Lander is third posting a 2-1 record and Lovell is third having a 0-3 record.

The coach said that “Ashtyn Heny has been our serving leader since the beginning of the year, so it doesn’t surprise me that she was able to serve us back into the game for the win. Ashtyn also has the highest serve rating on the team.”

“Jasmyne [Lensgrav] is a scrappy player. She works hard not to let a ball drop, communicating on and off the court, and she didn’t miss any of her four serves during the match,” coach Bonander said.

For Aubrie Stenerson, Rachel Bonander, Hartly Thorington, Devon Curtis and Jazlyn Haney, the coach said that they “are all ready to do the job at hand during the match, whether it be set to another hitter, block and cover, or sending the ball over with a kill.  They work well together, because they celebrate each other’s success, but will also pick up the slack when one of them is struggling.”

Coach Bonander said that having a 3-0 record “is a new feeling for us,” while adding that the team is ready to “get back to work because everyone else is improving so we have to push ourselves to prepare for Conference Duals.”

The Lady Panthers will be competing at the Conference Duals in Lander on Friday, October 5th and Saturday, October 6th. At this tournament nearly all of the teams in the conference will be there to compete.

Lady Panther Volleyball 2-0 in Conference

By Breanne Thiel

The Powell High School varsity volleyball team opens the conference portion of the season 2-0 with wins against Lander on the Lady Tigers home court on Friday, September 14th and and at home versus Worland on Saturday, September 15th.

“After the Rawlins tourney we discussed the areas that we needed to focus on this week which were serving, communication, and moving on after mistakes,” said head coach Randi Bonander. “I think they looked great in all three areas.”

The coach pointed out that the Lady Panthers increased their serving percentage to 92 percent against Lander and 95 percent against Worland.

Coach Bonander also stated that “communication was at a high level which was evident in their effort to keep a rally from ending on our side. Finally we were able to move on from mistakes, gather ourselves and then focus on the next task.”

Against Lander, Powell won the game in three sets with scores of 25-23 for the first and second set and 25-17 for the third.

Hartly Thorington led the team in kills having nine followed by Jazlyn Haney with nine and both Rachel Bonander and Aubrie Stenerson with eight apiece.

For blocks, Bonander led having four of the teams total of eight.

The Lady Panthers also won the game in three sets against the Lady Warriors. The first set was won 25-18 and the second two 25-16.

Thorington also led in kills against the Lady Warriors having 10 followed by Bonander with six, Stenerson with three and Haney with one.

In blocking, Haney led having three of the teams total of eight.

For both games Stenerson had a team high of 21 digs, followed by Natalie Ostermiller with 13 and Ashtyn Heny with 12.

Hartly Thorington led the team in aces with seven followed by Stenerson with four.

Lady Panther Swimming Win Worland Invite

By Breanne Thiel

The Powell High School Lady Panther swim team won the Worland Invitational where nine teams competed on Saturday, September 22. The team also added junior Rachel Kuntz to the state qualified list as well had individuals add and improve upon qualified times for the 3A State Swim and Dive Championships.

Powell won with 408 points, Buffalo placed second with 376.5, Lander was third with 321, Worland took fourth scoring 291 points, Cody placed fifth with 235.5, Douglas was sixth Tim 175, Riverton took seventh with 133, Newcastle placed eighth with 109 and Rawlins was ninth with 98 points.

Kuntz became the 11th Lady Panther to qualify for state with their fifth-place finish in the 100 butterfly posting a time of 1:14.47.

Senior Caitlyn Miner added the 200 freestyle to her state qualifying list with her first-place finish in 2:04.27. Miner also improved on her 100 freestyle time where she also placed first in 56.18.

Junior Ashlyn Aguirre improved upon her state qualifying time in the 100 butterfly by two seconds in her second-place finish with a time of 1:10.90.

Sidney O‘Brien, a junior, qualified for state in the 50-yard freestyle in her ninth-place finish posting a time in 28.20.

Junior Anna Fuller took four seconds off her 500 freestyle state qualifying time posting a time of 6:08.51 where she finished second.

Sophomore Addison Moretti improved on her state qualifying times in both 200 IM and the 100 butterfly. The 200 IM time was improved upon by one second in her fourth-place finish in 2:35.72 and took two seconds off her 100 butterfly time with her time of 1:11.71 in her fourth-place finish.

Elizabeth Liggett, sophomore, improved upon her 200 IM state qualifying for the third time in her fifth-place finish in 2:36.57.

Sophomore Maddi Hackenberg improved upon her state diving score by 3.9 points in her fourth-place finish scoring 168.80.

Madison Lowery, a sophomore, added the 100 freestyle to her state qualified posting a time of 1:03.22 for eighth place.

Results from Worland Invitational

200 Yard Medley Relay

4. Sidney O’Brien, Anna Fuller, Ashlyn Aguirre and Madison Lowery 2:10.55, 18. Charlotte Wilson, Hannah Hawley, Anita Martinez and Delainey Rayment 3:04.37

200 Yard Freestyle

13. Lily Halter 2:35.97, 17. Dakota Hansen 2:42.22

200 Yard IM

4. Addison Moretti :35.72, 5. Elizabeth Liggett 2:36.57

50 Yard Freestyle

6. Madison Lowery 28.09, 7. Katrina Twitchell 28.16, 9. Sidney O’Brien 28.20, 20. Emma Karhu 0.74, 21. Delainey Rayment 31.07, 34. Charlotte Wilson 35.01, 49. Hannah Hawley 46.27


4. Maddi Hackenberg 168.80, 5. Emma Karhu 164.50, 9. Delaney Rayment 114.50, 11. Kylie Kahl 96.85

100 Yard Butterfly

2. Ashlyn Aguirre 1:10.90, 4. Addison Moretti 1:11.71, 5. Rachel Kuntz 1:14.47, 9. Grace Harder 1:23.88, 10. Lauren Lejeune 1:25.74

100 Yard Freestyle

1. Caitlyn Miner 56.18, 8. Madison Lowery 1:02.29, 10. Katrina Twitchell 1:03.22, 19. Lily Halter 1:10.27

500 Yard Freestyle

2. Anna Fuller 6:08.51, 4. Elizabeth Liggett 6:09.33, 13. Grace Harder 6:47.30, 16. Dakota Hansen 7:07.20

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

2. Madison Lowery, Addison Moretti, Caitlyn Miner and Katrina Twitchell 1:49.08, 9. Emma Karhu, Dakota Hansen, Delainey Rayment and Charlotte Wilson 2:10.83

100 Yard Backstroke

4. Sidney O’Brien 1:11.26, 9. Ashlyn Aguirre 1:15.98, 13. Kylie Kahl 1:19.02, 20. Lauren Lejeune 1:25.09, 25. Maddi Hackenberg 1:28.40

100 Yard Breaststroke

5. Anna Fuller 1:20.48, 8. Rachel Kuntz 1:24.10, 23. Colette Sanders 1:40.03, 31. Hannah Hawley 2:06.69

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

4. Elizabeth Liggett, Caitlyn Miner, Addison Moretti and Katrina Twitchell 4:02.35, 10. Sidney O’Brien, Ashlyn Aguirre, Lauren Lejeune and Grace Harder 4:34.86, 14. Dakota Hansen, Lily Halter, Kylie Kahl, and Maddi Hackenberg 5:06.83

Team Scores

1. Powell 408, 2. Buffalo 376.5, 3. Lander 321, 4. Worland 291, 5. Cody 235.5, 6. Douglas 175, 7. Riverton 133, 8. Newcastle 109, 9. Rawlins 98