Lady Panther Swim Team Add Four Swimmers to State Qualified List at Worland Quad

By Breanne Thiel

On Friday, September 7th the Powell High School Lady Panther swim team competed in the Worland Quadrangular having four swimmers qualify in four events.

Senior Caitlyn Miner added her seventh qualified state event in the 500 freestyle with a time of 6:03.09 – good for second place.

Miners other six events include the 100 butterfly, 100 breaststroke, 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 IM and diving.

Sophomore Addison Moretti added the 200 IM to her state qualified list which previously included the 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke and 200 Freestyle. Her second place time was 2:36.71.

Sophomore Elizabeth Liggett added the 200 freestyle with her fourth place finish in 2:20.65. She also has state qualifying times in the 200 IM and the 500 freestyle.

Sophomore Maddi Hackenberg is the team’s newest state qualifier with her fourth place finish in diving with a score of 158.45.

The four teams were Worland, Powell Newcastle and Buffalo and the team scores were scored as duals.

Powell beat Worland 101-85, Newcastle 130-32 and lost to Buffalo 96-87

The Lady Panthers who have previously qualified for state events this season include Ashlyn Aguirre (100 butterfly), Sidney O’Brien (100 backstroke and 100 freestyle), Anna Fuller (200 IM) and Emma Karhu (diving).

Results from Quadrangular in Worland on 9/7/18

200 Yard Medley Relay

3. Addison Moretti, Caitlyn Miner, Ashlyn Aguirre and Katrina Twitchell 2:05.38, 4. Kylie Kahl, Emma Karhu, Lauren Lejeune and Delainey Rayment 2:23.81

200 Yard Freestyle

4. Elizabeth Liggett 2:20.65, 5. Anna Fuller 2:23.02, 7. Sidney O’Brien 2:28.17, 15. Natalie Dillivan 3:22.22

200 Yard IM

2. Addison Moretti 2:36.71, 6. Grace Harder 2:57.03

50 Yard Freestyle

4. Katrina Twitchell 28.33, 5. Madison Lowery 28.56, 7. Ashlyn Aguirre 30.73, 9. Lauren Lejuene 31.76, 10. Kylie Kahl 33.51, 15. Sarah Hampton 40.13, 18. Juanita Martinez, 19. Hannah Hawley 50.25


2. Caitlyn Miner 174.95, 3. Emma Karhu 167.75, 4. Maddi Hackenberg 158.45, 5. Taycee Walker 122.30, 6. Delainey Rayment 105.85, 7. Kylie Kahl 104.65

100 Yard Butterfly

2. Anna Fuller 1:21.08, 3. Grace harder 1:26.74, 8. Dakota Hansen 1:35.26, 10. KayCee Twitchell 1:41.77

100 Yard Freestyle

5. Sidney O’Brien 1:03.94, 7. Delainey Rayment 1:10.78, 8. Lily Halter 1:12.66, 10. Maddi Hackenberg 1:16.84, 14. Charlotte Wilson 1:23.65, 17. Juanita Martinez 1:38.72

500 Yard Freestyle 

2. Caitlyn Miner 6:03.09, 5. Ashlyn Aguirre 6:49.40, 7. Lauren Lejeune 7:28.77

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

3. Katrina Twitchell, Elizabeth Liggett, Sidney O’Brien and Anna Fuller 1:54.80, 5. Delainey Rayment, Dakota Hansen, Grace Harder and Lauren Lejeune 2:08.76, 8. Sarah Hampton, Juanita Martinez, Charlotte Wilson and Hannah Hawley 2:47.83

100 Yard Backstroke

2. Addison Moretti 1:13.20, 4. Madison Lowery 1:15.77, 7. Katrina Twitchell 1:19.39, 12. KayCee Twitchell 1:31.24, 14. Natalie Dillivan 1:40.88

100 Yard Breaststroke

3. Elizabeth Liggett 1:23.52. 5. Emma Karhu 1:30.65, 9. Colette Sanders 1:40.07

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

2. Anna Fuller, Caitlyn Miner, Sidney O’Brien and Addison Moretti 4:10.97, 5. Ashlyn Aguirre, Dakota Hansen, Grace Harder and Madison Lowery 4:47.19, 8. Natalie Dillivan, Lily Halter, Taycee Walker, KayCee Twitchell 5:32.76

Team Scores:

Powell 101, Worland 85

Powell 130, Newcastle 32

Buffalo 96, Powell 87

Lady Panthers Swim Away from Competition at Riverton Invite

By Breanne Thiel

The Powell High School girls’ swim team swam away from the competition in Riverton on Saturday, September 1st by taking first place in eight of the 12 events and claiming the first place team finish with 398 points – 155 points ahead of the second place team.

The first place finishes include:

The 200 medley relay team comprised of Sidney O’Brien, Caitlyn Miner, Ashlyn Aguirre and Madison Lowery with a time of 2:06.20.

Placing second in the 200 relay medley was the team of Kylie Kahl, Colette Sanders, KayCee Twitchell and Lily Halter with a time of 2:13.19.

In the 200 IM, PHS had the top three finishers in Addison Moretti in 2:38.42, Sidney O’Brien in 2:43.16 and Anna Fuller 2:43.33 respectively for first through third.

Caitlyn Miner won the 50 freestyle in 26.68 and Emma Karhu took third with a time of 30.99.

In the 100 butterfly, Ashlyn Aguirre placed first with a time of 1:13.02 and Lauren Lejeune took second in 1:28.19.

Moretti won the 500 freestyle with a time of 6:14.76.

The 200 freestyle relay was won by the team of Elizabeth Liggett, Karhu, Lowery, and Moretti with a time of 1:56.90.

Liggett won the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:25.53.

The 400 freestyle relay team of Moretti, Miner, Fuller and O’Brien won first with at time of 4:15.50.

Results from the Riverton Invite on 9/1/18

200 Yard Medley Relay

1. Sidney O’Brien, Caitlyn Miner, Ashlyn Aguirre and Madison Lowery 2:06.20, 2. Kylie Kahl, Colette Sanders, KayCee Twitchell and Lily Halter 2:38.00

200 Yard Freestyle

2. Elizabeth Liggett 2:22, 7. Lauren Lejuene 2:48.96, 13. Natalie Dillivan 3:28.44

200 Yard IM

1. Addison Moretti 2:28.42*, 2. Sidney O’Brien 2:43.16, 3. Anna Fuller 2:43.33

50 Yard Freestyle

1. Caitlyn Miner 26.68*, 3. Emma Karhu 30.99, 5. Delainey Rayment 32.37, 12. Sarah Hampton 39.08, 19. Hannah Hawley 47.17


2. Emma Karhu 193.45*, 3. Caitlyn Miner 179.40*, 6. Maddi Hackenberg 144.30, 7. Taycee Walker 131.15, 8. Delainey Rayment 122.10, 9. Kylie Kahl 116.70

100 Yard Butterfly

1. Ashlyn Aguirre 1:13.02*, 2. Lauren Lejeune 1:28.19

100 Yard Freestyle

8. Colette Sanders 1:19.37

500 Yard Freestyle

1. Addison Moretti 6:14.76*, 3. Anna Fuller 6:29.83, 4. Dakota Hansen 7:40.87, 5. Natalie Dillivan 9:29.69

200 Yard Freestyle

1. Elizabeth Liggett, Emma Karhu, Madison Lowery and Addison Moretti 1:56.90, 5. KayCee Twitchell, Dakota Hansen, Hannah Hawley, Natalie Dillivan 2:41.31

100 Yard Backstroke

1.  Sidney O’Brien 1:11.91*, 3. Ashlyn Aguirre 1:13.41, 5. Kylie Kahl 1:23.34, 7. Maddi Hackenberg 1:24.66, 9. Lily Halter 1:32, 10. Taycee Walker 1:41.88

100 Yard Breastroke

1. Elizabeth Liggett 1:25.53, 7. Hannah Hawley 2:16.46

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

1. Addison Moretti, Caitlyn Miner, Anna Fuller and Sidney O’Brien 4:15.50, 5. Lauren Lejeune, Dakota Hansen, Kylie Kahl and Ashlyn Aguirre 5:06.58

Team Scores

1. Powell 398, 2. Rawlins 243, 3. Riverton 188, 4. Douglas 177

Powell Middle School Cross Country Teams Face Strong Competition in Sheridan

By Breanne Thiel

The Powell Middle Cross Country team competed in their second invitational of the season in Sheridan on Saturday, September 8th. There was a total of 11 teams consisting of 204 long-distance runners on the boy’s side and 194 on the girl’s side.

The Panther Cubs had two top ten finishers: Daniel Merritt placed fifth overall with a time of 9:46.74 and Chance Franks placed eighth posting a time of 9:48.65.

As a team, the Panthers Cubs finished third with a total of 81 points and the Lady Panther Cubs placed ninth with 220 points.

Panther Cubs

5. Daniel Merritt 9:46.74, 8. Chance Franks 9:48.65, 21. Parker Williams 10:28.39, 23. Simon Shoopman 10:31.09, 27. Kyle North 10:37.22, 48. Isaiah Woyak 11:12.54, 51. Marshal Lewis 11:15.98, 65. Stuart Shoopman 11:34.62, 70. Hyrum Jeide 11:39.24, 75. Evan Staidle 11:42.30, 97. Gabe Rose 12:08.86, 101. Kenneth Bettger 12:13.66, 124. Cade Queen 12:31.98, 147. Terry Durham 12:59.14, 166. Asher Aguirre 13:53.84, 167. Yared Robird 13:54.46, 174. Jacob Cameron 14:12.26, 176. Daniel Franck 14: 17.81, 181. Dyllum Spomer 14:46.95, 195. Cole Young 15:54.24

Lady Panther Cubs

17. Gabriella Patterson 11:20.03, 44. Meaghan McKeen 12:25.19, 120. Emma Brence 14:01.94, 137. Josie Griffin 14:42.36, 140. Charlee Brence 14:52.94, 144. Annabell Fleming 15:02.02, 158. Stacy Ruelas-Hertz 15:56.37, 159. Kinsly Braten 15:59.05, 177. Kiyoko Hayano 17:30.96

Strong showing by PHS Golfers at 3A West Conference Tournament

By Breanne Thiel

The Powell High School golf team competed in Afton for their 3A West Conference Tournament. The Panthers placed third, their best team showing of the season. Both Crandell Sanders and Mycah Wainscott earned All-Conference honors in their 10th place finishes.

The conference tournament was held Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th.

“We had a very nice showing at our Conference tournament in Afton,” said head coach Troy Hildebrand. “The Valley View Course is a really fun course for kids and offers a chance to shoot some good scores as it is a little shorter than most of the courses we see and is also a par 70 instead of 72.”


The Panthers took third place shooting 337 on Friday and 350 on Saturday.

“We posted eight rounds between 79 and 89 over the two days which is exactly what we needed to do to earn a trophy this year,” Hildebrand said of the team.

Lander ran away with the title shooting 298 on Friday and 309 on Saturday and Star Valley was a solid second place finish shooting 307 on Friday and 323 on Saturday.  

“We were neck in neck with Cody over the two days as they put together their best showing of the year as well,” Hildebrand added of the team scores.

Cody placed fourth shooting 344 on Friday and 356 on Saturday.

Sanders, a junior shot 79 on Friday and 88 on Saturday to tie for 10th place – which earned him All Conference honors.

“[Sanders] earned his first All-Conference honor behind a career best 79 [score on] Friday. Saturday he had some ups and downs in his round but he did enough down the stretch to hold off the 11th place finisher by a single shot,” said Hildebrand. “He finished both rounds by making a significant putt which proved to be the difference for him. This should provide some nice momentum for [Sanders] as we head to Riverton.”

Riverton is where the 3A State Tournament will be held.  

Senior Rob Sessions shot 84 on Friday and 85 on Saturday.

“[Sessions] posted two more rounds in the mid 80’s and just missed a top ten finish of his own by two shots,” said Hildebrand.

Sessions placed 14th out of the 35 golfers.

“He is doing a lot of things well and playing the most consistent golf of his four-year varsity career,” Hildebrand continued of Sessions. “Each day [Sessions] had two or three holes where he found some trouble and that was really all that kept him from being right around 80. He is in a great spot heading to state.”

Senior Bennett Walker shot 86 on Friday and 88 on Saturday.

“[Walker] had his career best two day total this week and did a great job of keeping his round together each day,” Hildebrand sadi. “[Walker] is a very good player and when he gets his short game going he can shoot some very good scores. His straight hitting should be an asset in Riverton.”

Sophomore George Higgins shot 88 on Friday and 89 on Saturday.

“In his first conference tournament ever [Higgins] stepped us for us and played two very solid rounds. He has continued his rapid improvement and does such a great job of playing to his strengths. Riverton will be a new course for [Higgins] but he will use the practice round to get a plan for the weekend,” said Hildebrand.

Junior Kason Cannon shot 104 on Friday and 102 on Saturday.

“[Cannon] had his best career two day total as well this week. He has come a long, long way in the last year and a half and he will round out our varsity team for the state tournament. This will be a good experience for him as he moves into a different role for us next year as a senior,” the coach said.

Sophomore Yogi Sullivan shot 111 on Friday and 115 on Saturday.

“[Sullivan] just hasn’t been able to put it all together in a tournament this fall yet but he has worked hard and definitely shown signs of what he is capable of with his game. He was able to get a lot of tournament experience this fall and I know he will show up ready to go next spring,” said Hildebrand.

Freshman Brandon Wentz shot 126 on Friday and 121 on Saturday.

“[Wentz] played in just his second tournament ever and once again he improved each day. In just four rounds he has taken 23 strokes off his first round. I really think [Wentz] is going to be a very valuable player for us and will be very important to our team next fall,” Hildebrand said.

For individual titles, Jaren Calkins of Lander won the tournament shooting a 1 under par 139 with 68-71. Lander placed four in the top ten and Star Valley placed all five of their varsity players.

Hildebrand said that “the state tournament looks to have Lander (defending champions) and Worland coming in as the favorites. Worland has solid depth and is led by Karsten Simmons who also shot under par at the 3A east tournament.  Star Valley, Riverton, Douglas and us look to be in the next group behind those two according to the regional results. We are looking for a top five finish for sure and if some things broke our way we could possibly crack the top three.”

Lady Panthers

Lander – the defending state champions shot a blistering 280 on Friday and a 259 on Saturday to win the 3A West Conference Tournament. Star Valley placed second shooting 273 on Friday and 280 on Saturday and Jackson was third shooting 291 on Friday and 287 on Saturday.

The Lady Panthers had their best weekend of the year by quite a margin shooting 324 on Friday 330 on Saturday.

The coach stressed that the team “opened the year shooting nearly 400 here at home. This was a great chance for these three juniors to get some experience at a conference tournament that they can fall back on again next week and next year.”

Mycah Wainscott shot 96 on Friday and 98 on Saturday for 10th place – which earned her All-Conference honors.

“[Wainscott] earned her second consecutive all-conference award in Afton,” said Hildebrand. “She actually battled some swing troubles but hung in there both days to post sub 100 rounds and hang on for a top ten. She’ll work hard this week and take her very best to Riverton. With a strong week, she could be battling for an all-state position.”

Cat Wilson shot 111 on Friday and 105 on Saturday.

“[Wilson] continues to show growth each week and this was no exception. This is her best two day total and in a testament to her grit she had a really bad hole early in her round Friday and she bounced back by posting a birdie and a couple pars to hold her round together,” said Hildebrand adding that “this will be her first state tournament and I look for her to continue learning the game and battling through every round.”

Bailey Kennedy shot 117 on Friday and 127 on Saturday.

“[Kennedy] had a break out week overall and played her career-best round Friday by over 15 strokes. She is figuring things out more and more each week and this experience along with a strong spring will be huge for her next fall. I’m excited to see how she comes out and plays at state this week with the way she has been improving,” Hildebrand said.

Of the state tournament, Hildebrand said that “Torrington lead by defending individual champion Kaley Essert and Lander head to Riverton as the favorites and it should be a very good state tournament.”

For the PHS golfers, Hildebrand said. “we have a chance for a handful of players to be in the mix for all-state honors if they are able to put together a solid week. We have improved a great deal on both sides this season and I’d like to see us come out this week and just play up to our potential and let things shake out from there.”

The PHS golf teams will have a practice round on Thursday, September 13th followed by the tournament Friday, September 14th and Saturday, September 15th.