Powell Athletic Roundtable: More than a Booster Club

By Breanne Thiel The Powell Athletic Roundtable which was formed in 1949, raises funds throughout the school year to support the 23 athletic teams at both the high school and middle school as well to help the less fortunate students with equipment needs. The results of the fundraising efforts of the Powell Athletic Roundtable is one of the reasons why Powell High School is one of the few schools in Wyoming that does not charge an admission fee to sporting events. The Powell Athletic Roundtable’s fundraising efforts throughout the school year include community and business memberships with monetary amounts starting at $25 and going up to $1000, the Sports Kick Off Night BBQ in the fall, the tailgate BBQs during the football season, the raffling of the autographed football, steaks and propane during the football games, the halftime shoot at basketball games and yard signs. One of the ways in which the Roundtable uses the funds raised throughout the year is to purchase athletic equipment for all the sports teams at both the high school and middle school levels. At the high school, students have the option to participate in 14 different sports. In the fall, PHS students can compete in golf, tennis, cross country, volleyball, football, girls swimming and cheerleading. The winter sports season consists of the sports of wrestling, basketball, boys swimming and cheerleading. Also in the winter students can compete in indoor track and field in conjunction with the Lovell High School program. In the spring the sports of soccer and outdoor track and field are offered for both boys and girls. Powell Middle School has eight sports throughout the school year – football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, swimming, outdoor track and field as well as tennis in the spring. Last year, the 2017-2018 school year, the Powell Athletic Roundtable purchased new uniforms for the Powell Middle School basketball teams and the high school Lady Panther basketball team and Lady Panther soccer team. Each year the Powell Athletic Roundtable also purchases equipment for less fortunate kids such as shoes. Other purchases each year include:
  • Athletic awards for end of year banquet
  • Medals for the Powell Wrestling Tournament
  • Awards for the Powell Track Invite
  • Provide hospitality rooms for High & Middle school tournaments and regional tournaments
  • Purchase Huddle program for all sports that use game film
The hospitality rooms for both middle school and high school tournaments and regional tournaments are also provided by the Powell Athletic Roundtable. This service includes providing food for coaches, bus drivers, referees and volunteers who are spending all day at a tournament and the hospitality rooms are manned by members of the Roundtable. The Roundtable also offers a scholarship each year for seniors. In its 69th year, the Powell Athletic Roundtable is continuing in its mission of ensuring that the athletes at both the high school and middle school have the proper equipment needed for their sports programs through the nine board members volunteering their time. Tracy Walsh is the president and can be reached at 307-202-0879 with any questions. The vice president is Victor Cordes, Curtis Rohrer is treasurer and Amanda Haney is the secretary. Also on the board is Lesli Spencer, Ashley Chenoweth, Carl Schultz, Kelly Rowton and Andy Metzler. Board members are present at sporting events to answer any questions and to accept donations.  

Panther Cub Cross Country 2018 Yellowstone Conference Champs

By Breanne Thiel This season was only the second year for Powell Middle School to have their own cross country program and the boys team won the 2018 Yellowstone Conference Middle School Championship. The Panther Cub team had three runners place in the top 10 – Daniel Merritt took first, Chance Franks placed third and Gunner Erickson placed seventh. Head coach Tracy McArthur said that “support has been wonderful” for the middle school cross country program as previously the program was run in conjunction with the Powell High School program. “This group really supported one another and I loved seeing all the friendships formed during the season. I enjoyed every practice,” McArthur said. “This group worked hard and didn’t complain.” A total of 32 athletes – 10 girls and 22 boys – went out for cross country. “The boys team really depended on one anther. They ran for each other and wanted to win the team title at every meet,” said McAthur. The Panther Cub team won the team title in four of the five meets of the season with one of the first place finishes a tie with Cody. “When we tied with Cody at the Rocky Meet, they decided to work hard the last two weeks so they could win the conference title,” said McArthur. The hard work paid off for the Panther Cub team as they won the Yellowstone Middle School Conference Championships by 25 points with eight teams competing. Powell was first with 42 points, Cody placed second with 67, Lander was third with 79, Worland finished fourth with 88, Riverton took fifth with 126, Lovell was sixth with 157, Rocky Mountain placed seventh with 191 and Thermoplis finished in eighth place with 200. A total of 137 long distance runners ran in the boys race. Daniel Merritt, an eighth grader, won the race with a time of 11:43.08 which comes to an average of a 5:52 mile. At the middle school level, cross country races are 2 miles instead of a 5K or 3.1 miles. Chance Franks, an seventh grader, finished third with a time of 12:00.65 – an average of a six minute mile. Seventh grader Gunnar Erickson placed seventh with a time of 12:10.13 – an average of a 6:05 minute mile. Eighth grader Simon Shoopman took 11th place with a time of 12:35.15 – an average of a 6:18 minute mile. McArthur said that both Merritt and Shoopman “were great leaders as eighth graders and I am excited to get a great core back next year.” The coach said that Franks was also a great leader explaining that at sticker meets – which is when racers put their name on a sticker and take the sticker off at the finish line which the officials then place the stickers on a board in the order in which the runners cross the finish line – Franks would “tell the other boys, ‘Put it above the “W” in Powell because that is what we are going to get today: a ‘W’!” “I love that attitude,” said McArthur. Last season the Lady Panther cub team only had four runners and so a team score was not able to be submitted at the conference meet because five runners are needed for a team score. “Having 10 this year was awesome,” McArthur said for the girls team. The Lady Panther Cub team finished seventh with 179 points. Coach McArthur also wanted add a huge thank you to Pinnacle Bank for sponsoring the race – as their sponsorship is what brings Competitive Timing to the race. Competitive Timing is an electronic system where in each of the bibs the racers wear with their number is an electronic chip that accurately records time and placement of the runners. “It makes the conference meet very accurate with the timing chips,” said McArthur, “the athletes love it.” Panther Cub Results 1. Daniel Merritt 11:43.08, 3. Chance Franks 12:00.65, 7. Gunnar Erickson 12:10.13, 11. Simon Shoopman 12:35.15, 20. Marshal Lewis 12:54.86, 22. Parker Williams 12:57.89, 30. Kyle North 13:19.02, 34. Stuart Shoopman 13:23.82, 37. Isaiah Woyak 13:29.50, 59. Evan Staidle 14:21.68, 64. Terry Durham 14:32.27, 88. Cade Queen 15:10.41, 98. Gabe Rose 15:30.42, 109. Jacob Cameron 16:02.43, 116. Kenneth Bettger 16:42.91, 119. Asher Aguirre 16:47.28, 123. Yared Robirds 17:08.45, 128. Dyllun Spomer 17:53.29, 135. Cole Young 20:54.35 Boys Team Results 1. Powell 42, 2. Cody, 67, 3. Lander 79, 4. Worland 88, 5. Riverton 126, 6. Lovell 157, 7. Rocky Mountain 191, 8. Thermopolis 200 Lady Panther Cub Results 34. Meaghan McKeen 14:32.95, 73. Kiyoko Hayano 16:25.73, 77. Stacy Ruelas-Hertz 16:46.37, 80. Kinsly Braten 16:48.45, 89. Emma Brence 17:27.20, 97. Charlee Brence 18:20.94, 104. Annabelle Fleming 19:08.32, 105. Josie Griffin 19:29.14 Girls Team Results 1. Cody 36, 2. Lander 42, 3. Worland 100, 4. Lovell 107, 5. Riverton 113, 6. Thermopolis 152, 7. Powell 179

Powell Middle School Cross Country Results from Cody Invite

The Powell Middle School cross country team competed in their last regular season invitational in Cody on Thursday, September 27. The Panther Cub team won the invite which makes the fifth team first place finish of the season. Powell had five top ten finishers. Daniel Merritt won the invite with a time of 12:32.46. Chance Franks placed fourth with a time of 12:51.74, Gunnar Erickson finished fifth posting a time of 12:53. 82, Simon Shoopman took eighth with a time of 13:24.75 and Parker Williams finished ninth posting a time of 13:33.06. The Lady Panther Cub finished second. The Powell Middle School cross country team will host the conference meet in Powell on Friday, October 5. Panther Cub Results 1. Daniel Merritt 12:32.46, 4. Chance Franks 12:51.74, 5. Gunnar Erickson 12:53.82, 8. Simon Shoopman 13:24.75, 9. Parker Williams 13:33.06, 18. Marshall Lewis 14>01.74, 19. Stuart Shoopman 14:03.04, 24. Isaiah Woyak 14:39.54, 27. Terry Durham 14:55.94, 30. Evan Staidle 15:26.76, 33. Gabe Rose 15:53.92, 37. Cade Queen 16:17.90, 39. Kenneth Bettger 16:21. 35, 44. Jacob Cameron 17:02.62, 46. Daniel Franck 17:13.92, 51. Asher Aguirre 17:57.58, 57. Dyllun Spomer 17:57.58, 59. Yared Robirds 18:36.90, 61. Cole Young 21:00.00 Boys’ Team Results 1. Powell 27, 2. Cody 42, 3. Lovell 76, 4. Rocky Mountain 91 Lady Panther Cub Results 10. Meaghan McKeen 15:26.76, 24. Kiyoko Hayano 17:27.46, 28. Stacy Ruelas-Hertz 18:09.26, 29 Kinsley Braten 18:09.96, 31. Emma Brence 18:32.20, 38. Charlee Brence 21:09.32, 39. Josie Griffin 21:27.01 Girls’ Team Results 1. Cody 15, 2. Powell 46  

Powell Middle School Cross Country Results from Worland Invite

On Thursday, September 20th the Powell Middle School cross country teams were one of seven schools who participated in the Worland Invitational. The Panther Cub team took first place for the fourth time this season with a total of 42 points and the Lady Panther Cub team finished sixth. A total of 128 runners competed in the boys race with Powell’s Daniel Merritt coming in first place with a time of 11:28.81. Also finishing in the top 10 was Chance Franks who placed third posting a time of 11:41.94. Panther Cub Results 1. Daniel Merritt 11:28.81, 3. Chance Franks 11:41.94, 11. Gunnar Erickson 12:15.22, 12. Simon Shoopman 12:17.42, 15. Parker Williams 12:28.95, 23. Marshall Lewis 12:57.27, 36. Stuart Shoopman 13:13.48, 47. Isaiah Woyak 13:42.10, 49. Terry Durham 13:49.97, 50. Evan Staidle 13:51.20, 69. Hyrum Jeide 14:20.85, 71. Cade Queen 14:30.57, 75. Gabe Rose 14:46.94, 78. Kenneth Bettger 14:54.02, 100. Jacob Cameron 15:52.25, 104. Asher Aguirre 16:05.66, 106. Daniel Franck 16:08.53, 111. Dyllun Spomer 16:21.01, 119. Yared Robirds 17:52.43, 121. Cole Young 18:08.99 Lady Panther Cub Results 26. Meaghan McKeen 14:13.68, 58. Kiyoko Hayano 16:10.00, 65. Stacy Ruelas-Hertz 16:21.00, 70. Emma Brence 16:38.00, 71. Kinsly Braten 16:47.00, 82. Charlee Brence 17:43.00, 97. Josie Griffin 19:27.00 Boys Team Results 1. Powell 42, 2. Cody 52, 3. Lander 62, 4. Riverton 95, 5. Worland 127, 6. Rocky Mountain 174, 7. Thermopolis 183 Girls Team Results 1. Cody 26, 2. Lander 53, 3. Worland 83, 4. Thermopolis 98, 5. Riverton 107, 6. Powell 154  

Powell Middle School Results from Rocky Mountain Invite

By Breanne Thiel On Monday, September 17th the Powell Middle School cross country teams competed in the Rocky Mountain Invitational where the Panther Cub team tied with Cody for first with 22 points and the Lady Panther Cub team took third with 44. The Panther Cub team had four runners place in the top ten. Chance Franks took third with a time of 12:48, Gunnar Erickson placed fourth posting a time of 12:50, Daniel Merritt finished seventh having a time of 13:21 and Simon Shoopman finished the race in 13:23 for eighth place. Two runners placed in the top ten for the Lady Panther Cub team. Kenzie Blajszczak finished fourth with a time of 15:09 and Meaghan McKeen finished 10th posting a time of 15:46. Panther Cub Results 3. Chance Franks 12:48, 4. Gunnar Erickson 12:50, 7. Daniel Merritt 13:21, 8. Simon Shoopman 13:23, 13. Parker Williams 14:02, 17. Marshall Lewis 14:23, 18. Stuart Shoopman 14:36, 22. Isiah Woyak 15:03, 25. Evan Staidle 15:19, 26. Hyrum Jeide 15:19, 31. Cade Queen 15:43, 32. Terry Durham 15:44, 38. Gabe Rose 16:40, 42. Kenneth Bettger 17:36, 47. Jacob Cameron 18:50, 48. Daniel Franck 18:56, 52. Asher Aguirre 22:58, 54. Dyllun Spomer 23:39, 55. Cole Young 23:51, 58. Yared Robirds 24:41 Lady Panther Cub Results 10. Meaghan McKeen 15:46, 21. Kiyoko Hayano 17:53, 22. Kinsley Braten 18:12, 24. Stacy Reulas-Hertz 19:20, 31. Josie Griffin 20:65, 32. Emma Brence 20:56, 33. Charlee Brence 21:08